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           ABOUT:           Elite Handyman Services

worker cutting his first piece of wood

I have been working in many different industries over the years and I have learned so many new and different things, I did not like just doing only one thing I wanted to do so many, so I started Elite Handyman Services.  I can repair and install a wide array of things in any home or business and I enjoy doing so. There are not too many companies out there that offer what I offer, I am detail oriented so my work is among the best in the business.  I take great pride in my work and it shows!!

I feel that my life experience in these many different industries is to your benefit.  Instead of hiring a contractor that subs out all of there work in these different fields you would just have me and my family performing the work.  I make sure I get to know my customers very well and what their vision is for their property, so that I may offer them the best possible experience in the industry.

If a job comes up that I need to hire different people for I will let my customer know and give them the opportunity to meet them before I do the hiring.  I feel that with my vast knowledge in these many different industries I would be an excellent fit for you.  I have met a great many people and this is how I can offer all my customers these different services as well as my insight on what would better suit their needs.  Do not be shy give us a try (401) 246-4197


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